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800 words a day is a wonderful goal, Betsy!

Look at it like this: If you write 500 words per day for seven days a week, you’re writing 3500 words a week, 14,000 words a month, and 168,000 words a year! Pretty nice, huh?

CONGRATS on that chain! I love it!

Feel free to call a sprint whenever you’re writing, too! Sometimes even a short one can get the ball rolling. And it can also be motivating to wake up and see that everyone is already zooming along. Writing can be so lonely at times, it’s nice to have company!


I’ve managed to keep my chain going from January, which is BIG for me! I’m writing 20-22 minutes a day and averaging 400 words with that. For the week, I want to try to push myself to double that. It still doesn’t seem like a lot, but it will be a stretch for me.

I’m in the central time zone. I typically write between 7:00 and 7:30 am because I keep my grandkids during the day and rarely have a chance to focus on writing once they get here. And when they leave, I’m too exhausted to do much more then. I hope to be able to jump in and join a sprint. I can’t promise anything, though, so don’t plan them around my schedule.

Can’t believe it’s almost March already. Yikes!

Betsy Gray


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