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I’m going to go ahead and report in and close out week 9 so I can concentrate on week 10 and SIAW!

I wrote 7101 words this week and kept my chain going (62 days today). My goal was first and foremost to finish my 90K UFR rough draft, and my word count goal was 8400 (1200 words a day until I hit that goal). I finished at 87,500 and I’m starting edits, so I’m no longer counting words–except to not go too far over my 90K. So YAY for that!

For SIAW and Week 10, I have 2 goals: 10K words edited daily & 500 new words on another story I’ve been tooling around with for a couple months. It should be challenging, and I’m not certain I’ll hit that 10K every day as I get deeper into the story, but it’s something to shoot for. 🙂

Hope you all have a great week 10!



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