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Ooo, send it my way, Betsy. I’m an organization junkie and I love new tools!

I’ve listened to all of Chris’ books and watched him on YouTube. I really like his attitude and his advice to indies. He seems more real than a lot of indie gurus out there. I’ve never heard of Roses Writes Fifty Books. Is it a book or a workshop?


I’ve got a spreadsheet to track my word count per session. It’s actually a mash-up of a word count spreadsheet from Roses Writes Fifty Books and a WPH spreadsheet from 5,000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox. I set it up to record up to 8 writing sprints a day, not that I’ve done that many – the most I’ve managed was a 6 session day when I was scrambling to get finished in time for the Golden Heart.

There’s a summary sheet that shows the daily word count, totals for each week and for the year. Then I have individual sheets for each month that calculates the WPH for each session and totals for each day.

I think keeping track of my word count like this has helped me to continue the chain I began on Jan 1. If anyone is interested in using it, I’ll be happy to share a blank copy of it.



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