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Mona, I know that feeling so well. 2018 was not a great year for me creatively–or personally. I worked, but there was a lot of wheel spinning happening… I think you’re amazing for keeping fingers to keys even through this down period.

The one thing that helped me get through last year was that I read/listened to so many books on writing, not just craft, but the business side, too. I took every class I could find. That way, at least, I felt like I was accomplishing something. It helped. Some.

I’m here if you ever need to talk to someone who gets it. You can always find me on FB messenger or email me directly



Everyone’s doing so well keeping their numbers up, and here I am just squeaking by. I forced myself to write at least an hour a day, so I met my goal…but just barely.

I’ll be glad when this dismal, unproductive phase of my life is behind me. I’m putting in huge chunks of time making centerpieces for the convention, but the end product is pretty satisfying….especially since my writing creativity is at an all time low. Still dealing with hubby’s dental issues (he’s getting full mouth implants), physical therapy for bone fragments in my right heel, inner ear issues, and tired-of-winter blues. Come on spring!


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