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Merien Grey


On Saturday, March 16th a half hour prior to the webinar start (10am PST/11am MST/12pm CST/1pm EST) I will post a Zoom (virtual classroom) link on this thread. It will show at the top of the thread and you will get a message IF YOU ARE SUBSCRIBED TO THIS THREAD. If you haven’t done that please scroll to the top to the very latest/first listed message. There is a light gray bar along the top of the message and in the top right corner there is a blue or lavender Favorite/Subscribe option (click subscribe and you’re done). The process I just described subscribes you to this specific thread which means you will get the additional messages (to include the link message) automatically. Please don’t be late, this webinar will close to new attendees once we hit the scheduled start time in your time zone. The class will proceed, and afterwards, any additional information or items will be posted here.

Here is the breakdown:

1. A half hour prior to class I will post the link in a message here on this thread. There is no need to formally register for this webinar since it is in one of our forums, future webinars may require specific registration, but this one does not. The class link will be here, any member in good standing will be able to access it and any information previously posted.

2. Once I post that link, click on it. It will ask you to download a plug-in to allow the window to open on your specific machine. Please click yes or OK to give permission for the download (it could be either depending on your browser and machine). It will take about three to fifteen seconds for the plug-in to download depending on your internet connection and machine. You can join from a laptop, tablet, phone (video or audio), or you can call in. When I post the link, it will have call in options as well, if you can only listen in for whatever reason. If you wish to interact, whatever device you are using will need to have a webcam and a microphone, built-ins are fine for both. Headsets can be helpful, but in most cases are not required for a quality experience.

3. Once the plug-in downloads, it will open a window on your machine and you will be in the “classroom”. You will be able to see the presentation, hear the speaker and other attendees, and chat with the webmaster/moderator on the chat function if you are having issues or have questions as we go along.

4. It will take about ten to twenty seconds for the audio to come in all the way so if you don’t hear anything at first or it sounds quiet or fuzzy, don’t worry. It will get clearer as it loads the rest of the way. You also come in muted so you don’t interrupt ongoing conversation. There is a microphone icon in the lower left, it will be crossed out, click it to unmute yourself. If you don’t see it, click the chat button along the bottom of the screen and ask the moderator to unmute you. Once you have the window open the moderator (me) can see you and help from her end.

5. You can stay muted if you like. In that lower left corner of the window you can mute your audio and video so no one can see or hear you (but you can see and hear the class). If you want to click on early to make sure your link is good and then mute yourself back out and just watch and listen that is fine as well.

6. PLEASE BE AT LEAST A LITTLE EARLY, ONCE THE CLASS BEGINS, NO ONE ELSE CAN ENTER. When you enter the class it sets off a tone on everyone’s machine to let them know another attendee is present/has entered. This is distracting to the presenter and attendees once a presentation begins, so this webinar be set to not accept attendees after the scheduled start time.

7. Ask always, you may address any questions to me any time before or during the presentation at

I spoke with the instructor this morning and we will be posting a bio and handout this week.

Warm Regards,


FTH Webteam

Class Moderator


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