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Merien Grey

Web Committee Report for March Board Meeting

Apologies for the length, but giving detailed explanations here will mean I won’t need to talk about them at the meeting unless there are questions 🙂 I like being a knot on a log during the actual meetings so here we go.

1. Forums are working without issue.

This month we had our first instructor that was a member. There was some confusion on the instructor’s part that she though she needed a special invite. Corrections to web team and workshops pre-class checklists were made to prevent it from happening again.  We should have made certain she knew what to do or it have been made clear she already knew what to do. Which was simply subscribe like everyone else. When I emailed her, she replied she thought she had it wrong because it was so easy. Good problem to have I guess 🙂

Also, the other instructor was posting and members were seeing HTML code in the posts. When we see this it is not our website malfunctioning. The instructor is copying direct into the topic text box in the forum from a PDF, HTML enabled document, or webpage. The text they are copying in has code already embedded in it. They copy into the forum and the embedded code shows in the emails and sometimes the posts. Once we are aware this is happening, we tell the instructors to copy the text into Word, hit the remove formatting button, make it pretty again (add bold, underlining, etc. back in), THEN copy into the forum. Then it works fine, no showing code. That is what is happening when you see that, we aren’t broken, but it can take a bit to line out the instructor on how to fix stop creating “codey posts”. The more veteran folks just need it pointed out to them, some of the less experienced instructors need a quick explanation and walk through.

2. The digest function is working perfectly EXCEPT we are having problems with the developer finding a way for members to adjust it without them being an admin. Last month Marie and I could see the setting and no one else could, now all admins can see the settings, but regular members/participants still can’t. We are waiting on the developer to find a way members can see the settings without seeing their complete profile, otherwise they start removing their various names from the eMember and other information we need to match billing with RWA, so that’s a hard no. So still working, but farther along than last month.

3. New server switch is complete. Working wonderfully, many thanks!!

4. Membership roster complete details on current standing:

– I sent you all a message regarding RWA roster corrections already. In short, 39 members with wrong info still and our actual number is 191 or maybe 192 depending on how my day goes today, not 176.

Below is what is still incorrect with OUR roster here in FTHRW (eMember). WE have nine open items. I won’t say errors because we know what is wrong and are working to correct all of them.

– Currently, I am in touch with three members to reestablish profiles post expiration date for them, they have paid and are good, we are just closing the loop to get them functional again. These three, once complete bring our total up to 194.

– I have two that are the very last of the gals from the overhaul that will be deleted from our roster if we don’t hear from them this week. Arel has contacted them also with no luck either. Back down to 192.

– We have two remaining that will come off the RWA list soon, one next week, the other in early April, they are not on the chapter roster because they have no interest in joining. These two are the last of the gals that were arbitrarily added to the chapter roll with RWA from last year’s contest. I have contacted both and they aren’t interested in joining. My plan is to just let them drop off the RWA roll as their dates come and go. Asking RWA to remove them with only a few weeks left of their RWA time with us seemed like a waste of time considering. They aren’t on our roster so still at 192.

– Finally, we are still sorting out Zara West and Jaycee Jarvis. Both have their own Scooby Doo mystery going around what exactly happened with them. The relevant parties to assist with the fix are already involved and working on it. Both are members, both are in good standing, but there are still some sorting out being done. Zara is and has been good on our roster. Jaycee will bring us back up to 193 for the week.

– Our other 184 members are perfect 🙂 We are working down the open items, but considering where we started last fall I am not unhappy with where we are, it will be better next week and better still the next. We should be error free in the chapter roster in probably the next ten days. Yay!

5. Upcoming webinar support:

The 16th is all set up and ready to go, to include having already touched base with the instructor via Zoom to make sure she is comfortable with it.

Hard item to remember with this first webinar (I tripped over it all week long): The forums are built to not require active registrations by admins for anything WE host, webinar or forum workshop alike. That was a big chunk of labor we were trying to get rid of when we rebuilt the site. That is why we don’t have to actively register for workshops anymore, only have members click the subscribe buttons (forums level) or links (in the threads like for this webinar). Going forward with webinars, any that we host as a chapter will not require active registration unless they are specifically capped attendance wise.

The speakers who own their own infrastructure can require active registration if they like, as long as they don’t harvest those names for their personal marketing. Going forward, we are planning to be careful to use the word subscribe instead of register (it’s hard trust me, members were asking where to register all week once we posted the times). The reason we have to be careful using that term is because members can go on a forum and say the wish to attend a webinar without subscribing and if they do that, they haven’t actually subscribed (unless they did) and won’t get any follow on messages.

We are retraining everyone, including ourselves, to put control back in the hands of the members on this. We didn’t have much choice in reality, we offer too many things at this point to require that sort of handling on all projects. If you have any questions on the why’s or how’s, as we grow into this new way of going about things, just ask 🙂

Warm Regards,

Merien (with Marie’s input as well)


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