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I think that’s the draw of SIAW and NaNo for me, Betsy. I always overshoot what I think I’m capable of. That way, even if I don’t quite hit my goal, I’m still doing more than I would have normally.

So, I didn’t hit my word goal at all, but I blew out all expectations on my edit goal. You might not have doubled your daily word count, but you wrote more than you would have on an average week and showed yourself it was possible. That’s the beauty of SIAW!

(I didn’t invent it, by the way. A lovely writer named Nikki McKenna did. She was the original mod of this group, which used to be called Procrastination Loop until I changed the name. 🙂 )


I didn’t make my goal of doubling my daily word count average (from 400 to 800). Life happened, as always. I only had one day where I was able to fit in an extra sprint. But I ended up with over 3500 words for the week, so that’s over 500 words a day.

I’m good with that. Now to maintain it…

Thanks for doing this SIAW, Cheryl!



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