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LeAnne Bristow

Contest Committee Report

The preparations for the 2019 Pages From the Heart contest is in full swing. After much discussion and reviewing other contests, we have decided to eliminate the published author division from the PFTH contest. The current discussion is if the contest should be open to ALL authors whether published or unpublished with the manuscript not being published or contracted, OR open to all unpublished authors and authors who haven’t been published within that genre in the last 2 years. This will mean we need 7 category coordinators instead of 14 and only 14 final judges instead of 28. Reviews of the scoring pages for 1st and 2nd rounds are being worked on right now to be submitted to Merien Grey to help us make the scoring automatic.

The contest will be submitted to the RWA at the end of this month for publication in the magazine.

Respectfully Submitted,

LeAnne Bristow, Pages From the Heart Co-Chair


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