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Well, you can tip that head right back up because this is a Zero Shame Zone and you have nothing to be ashamed about anyway! You wrote every day and you’re editing a synopsis, of all things. yikes! You even wrote more for two days, which you wouldn’t have done without SIAW. 🙂

Not to be a perpetual Pollyanna or anything, but I’m heavily into focusing on the silver lining within the storm clouds. (At least, I am lately. I have my moments…)

So, hugs and congrats on writing every day this week, Laura!



My head hangs in shame because my sprinting thoroughbred turned into a plodding mule.

My mule did write each day. But barely more than usual after the first two days.

Part of my slog is editing a synopsis which I made into a mighty effort. I have an okay draft finally.



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