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Betsy Gray

Hi Tanya,

I think you’ve got a pretty good start on the GMC. Some random thoughts that came to mind:

Is the hero’s GPS project meant to do away with canine teams altogether? Or is it more to supplement and help the canines? If he’s trying to put an end to the use of canines, you might consider making his reason bigger – i.e., maybe the accident that killed his dog also killed another canine handler as well, or even the person they were attempting to rescue.

I like having her burn down the building and working with him, when he’s resentful of the money that is now being diverted from his project. I think that makes a good conflict.

You say she’s in VT for certification. Is she from somewhere else and will be moving on when she’s done with the testing? That could add another layer of conflict.

How does she accidentally burn down a building? Is she generally a klutz? Accident-prone? Nervous around people, yet confidant and sure-footed when she’s working with her dog?

I feel that your hero’s GMC is stronger than your heroine’s. Is there more to her backstory that would support her internal conflict as you currently have it? Why does she feel like a nuisance/not needed? Is she going to have/find the strength to get through the testing?

Overall, I like what you’ve got. 🙂



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