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Tanya Sarlanis

Hi Betsy,


Thank you so much for the responses. It’s making me think.

So, no you will never do away with K-9 (it’s actually what I do). But state dept doesnt have k-9, they rely on SAR teams. Those teams are not always close (for example pretty much all my callouts are about 3-4 hours away). That plays into life saving hours. The hero used to volunteer as a canine handler for a SAR team. He was also a park ranger. He was really good but then his canine died so he refuses to work dogs again. The GPS project is not a way to get rid of canine teams. But it’s a way to increase response/find times that don’t rely on canines. It’s actually based off of VA’s ProjectLifeSaver (which is for Alzheimer/dementia) that is state run. On the technical side both have their positives and negatives so one would never replace the other. But either would increase find times and area coverage. Also rangers have the option to not want to use canine teams. They will ask for callouts for people only bc they don’t believe in the dogs. But now I’m getting off topic. So his reason is he wants to save lives, he remembers what it was like when he was lost, and he doesn’t want to work with canines/nor handle one. But response time is critical and with the update in technology (and maybe he was in VA recently) this is where he came up with the idea.


Heroine is from Boston. Evaluator is in VT. She never thought of staying but yes that is a subplot but not part of her conflict.

So, I adjusted that nuisance part and took it out. My thought is to maybe add to her motivation. Maybe on her grandfather’s deathbed he cried and died with regret that he never made a difference/that he always played it safe. her whole purpose is to give back and do something greater/to find her purpose. Currently, she goes to her job, she adopted her dog (so maybe made a little difference) but she doesn’t know her purpose yet. She doesn’t feel like she’s living a fulfilled life and she’s trying to find that missing piece. I thought about maybe she’s tried to volunteer like for a shelter or soup kitchen and just didn’t like it. But that is all backstory. But I think maybe if she saw firsthand someone dying with regret it would be a strong motivator rather than saying “well I can’t figure it out oh well.” Do you think that would help make the goal and conflict stronger? Esp since she feels she’s being called to be a canine handler.

Internal Conflict: She feels her life doesn’t make a difference/ that her life/being is purposeless




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