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Ana Morgan

I crashed into my publisher’s deadline and submitted Mary Masters.  If you want to read the last chapters (find out what happened), let me know.

I am returning to Ammi Folkright, a contemporary. Ammi is a herbalist whose father is in a prison for the criminally insane. Ammi is convinced the drugs her father is forced to take are preventing him from remembering what happened the night her mother disappeared. Her two dreams in life are to free her father and become a foster parent. She believes she’s inherited the genes for schizophrenia from her father and should not have children of her own.

Galen Thomas is the new prison Physician Assistant. He was a college baseball pitching phenom until he partied too hard, tumbled off a frat house balcony, and irreparably damaged his vision. He became a PA with the hope of returning to baseball as a pro team medic. He’s from the northern Minnesota town where the story takes place, but he didn’t know Ammi because she was homeschooled by her back-to-the-land godparents.

Attached are chapters 17 and 18. Galen has been helping Ammi fix up her house to pass the foster care home inspection. In chapter 16, they made love for the first time.

TIA for your crits.  Ana


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