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My email decided to kick three days of messages from FTHRW to spam. I kept thinking, “Hey, no one even reported in this week.” LOL Good thing I checked. I had 30+ messages to respond to!

I kept my chain, which makes it 77 days. It was a near thing Saturday night, but I managed to get in some editing. I turned in my MS to my dev editor today and finished proofreads on another story. I was supposed to rest afterward, but I found it difficult to do. So, I redid my Kanban board for fun. I went a little crazy with it, of course. 😉 If you missed the Kanban webinar, there’s an audio replay you can listen to. I’d encourage everyone to look into it. It’s such a great tool.

Next week’s goal is 7 days of writing. I’m trying to reset and work on another project in addition to sending out some more query letters and taking classes on indie publishing, so I’ll keep it to days until I figure some things out.

Have a great week, everyone!



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