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I love it, LeAnne! The castle theme totally makes sense with the “dungeon,” too. See? You are a crafty teacher!

Wendi: My daughter did one with a small (about the size of a piece of paper) whiteboard she bought. She used the bigger page marker stickies and small square ones.

Here’s mine. Okay, it’s big. I don’t have a whiteboard, so I used my bulletin board, a little chalkboard, and some washi tape. I just broke my writing goals down a lot, so it looks complicated, but it’s actually kind of easy. Oh, and I had to use map tacks if I moved the sticky notes too much. I thought about getting a whiteboard but decided to use what I had instead and just bought some cheap tacks.

On the left, I have my Dungeon and Bright Shinies. I used “Bright Shinies” instead of “Parking Lot,” because I am easily distracted by shiny new ideas. Also, it sounds a little like a Firefly saying. 😉

Still not sure if I want to do one month or three at a time, so I’m experimenting.


It looks great, LeAnne! Best of luck with it!

I wish I had more wall space here. I’m thinking of making a small one and use those little post-it flags instead of regular-sized post-it notes. I need to get over to Staples first.


I remember hearing someone talk about this somewhere, but they used those science project board for their kanban. Then they could fold it up and put it away when they needed to and it didn’t take up wall space.


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