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Tanya Sarlanis

So I wrote a post and realized it was more complaining than a solution so this is my second shot:

For the past two years (from personal emails to RWA) to their official statements, they tend to only focus on one marginalized group instead of being ALL inclusive. Personally, I have not witnessed any issues with FTHRW but I would urge that while you may only have one member from a particular marginalized group and twenty from another, that ALL of our voices are counted equally and not based on majority.

Also, I did see on the board that someone mentioned a contest they judge for offers a section upfront if there are any triggers/anything they feel extremely uncomfortable reading (such as BDSM, really spicy scenes/erotic if you are an inspirational author). I thought this was a great idea to include. I know your forms have the option of genre so if you don’t feel comfortable reading erotica one just doesn’t check the box, but honestly I really like the trigger option as you can have triggers in any sub-genre.


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