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Zara West

Thank you Ana and Reina for offering to read more of my manuscript.  I am still running chapters through ProWriting and Autocrit. I will send out the cleaned up ones as I do them so you don’t have too many little grammar things. However, I guess neither finds comma splices which I find odd nor every missing word which is frustrating. We are still better than machines I guess.

I have been inserting actual newspaper items at the start of each chapter. Not sure they work or not. Usually readers ignore these. I kept them very short for that reason. Let me know what you think.

My agent discussed using actual “news clipping” type graphics (Anna Dickinson kept extensive albums of news clippings – all in the Library of Congress) but I have to format Times double space for the submissions.



Thank you Reina for all the comments and catches in Ch 10. 🙂


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