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Doreen Jensen

I still have my chain intact–(Sunday was day 187) I’m still taking future learn classes and have 4 on the go plus the new ones from our RWA loops that start today another 4 (can you say  workshop junkie. –thank-goodness I’ve cut back).I am into revision as well–wish I could say that I enjoyed it but I don’t. I do like that its a  better  story when I finish but its a struggle. I usually have a new and a revision on the go and my new one wants to be front and centre. I have to break up my time and do new in the morning and revision later in the day so my mind will switch over into revision mode.

It was spring here for a few glorious days then it became winter wonderland all over again. It postcard perfect but I’m so over winter, My snowdrops are blooming and its a promise I want mother nature to make good on –now.

Dory PS I wrote 3595 words this week



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