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Nyquil is both a curse and a blessing. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Linda. Super impressed that you got any work done with a cold like that!

It kind of stinks when someone points out some fundamental flaw in your story, isn’t it? Even when I know that having this knowledge will make for a better story in the long run, I still feel bereft and overwhelmed. Sounds like you handled it really well, though!

Sending you creative and healing vibes this week!


That darned cold hung in there until Thursday, making writing Wednesday pretty weak. On top of that, the instructor for the online class I’m taking pointed out that my story sounded more like a cozy with romantic elements. Argh, she was right, but H/H are falling hard for each other! So I dug in and put the romance on the page and managed to get in my screen time each day, though Wednesday may have been two minutes short of my goal due to the NyQuil I took. 🙂 I’m on the mend now.



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