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Never have I ever been so grateful that I’m using a Kanban board to track my tasks, because if I hadn’t, I would have wondered what the heck I did last week.

I would have said I edited and kept my chain, but I wouldn’t have realized that I edited over 200 pages, put together a submission package and submitted, worked through 8 modules on a self-publishing course, did 3 weightlifting workouts, spent hours working on FTH admin, worked on family finances and taxes, and babysat my granddog for four days.

I’m proud of my hard work, but the reason I brought this up was to let you know that when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing much, that might not be true. You might be more productive than you realize, but don’t know it because you don’t track your tasks. (If you’re anything like me, and only started tracking recently. 🙂 ) You don’t have to use a Kanban board, but I recommend at least keeping a notebook and tracking your weekly tasks and accomplishments. I’ve been tracking since January, and it has been eye-opening.

Goal This Week: Coming off a long rewrite, I’m not in the mood to jump into another one right away, so, I’m going to work on submissions and an outline and keep my chain going.  And do a little brain resting and reading for fun.

Hope everyone has a great week!




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