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Laura Russell

Never have I ever been so grateful that I’m using a Kanban board to track my tasks, because if I hadn’t, I would have wondered what the heck I did last week.

I would have said I edited and kept my chain, but I wouldn’t have realized that I edited over 200 pages, put together a submission package and submitted, worked through 8 modules on a self-publishing course, did 3 weightlifting workouts, spent hours working on FTH admin, worked on family finances and taxes, and babysat my granddog for four days.

I’m proud of my hard work, but the reason I brought this up was to let you know that when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing much, that might not be true.


Cheryl, what a week!

This is an excellent commercial for a kanban board. I am going to get mine going immediately!

Color me impressed!!!!



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