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Caro Kinkead

Love that quote, Cheryl.  All too often, it seems as if we overcomplicate things. :: glares at day job ::

And, speaking of said day job…I was notified on March 29 that I am being laid off as of April 26. Yes, the day job that has completely eaten any productivity or a semblance of a life for months has now decided that they can do without me. Turns out that I’m not particularly upset by this. We’re in a position where I can spend the next six months focused on writing, and not have to look for employment immediately. If certain other things fall into place, I may be able to extend that out further. However, I’m already lining up things so I can get some small consulting gigs post October.

So, as I said on Facebook, I’m in one of those corridors between the door that just closed and the door that’s about to open, which I can feel myself straining toward. Goals for this week include another 4,000 words on the rewrite of a very old manuscript I pulled out of the closet and discovered the story is better than I remember, cleaning out the area that’s going to be my new dedicated workspace, and trying to figure out how this is all going to work.

And for tools, I rely very heavily on my faithful Bullet Journal. It’s got lots of notes at this point.


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