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Laura Russell


I laughed over reaction to your post- its. Good that the husband  pokes his head in to check on you in your writing cave.

Congrats on a productive week. The difficulty of composing a query is one of those mysteries…

Good luck on baby watch. So exciting!!

Thanks for the hugs. Right back at you,



My check-in this week.

  1. Wrote/edited: 7/7 days. My chain is 98 days long!
  2. It took me nearly a week to write a query letter. Why is it so hard to write my own blurbs and queries? Ugh.
  3. I also made up a huge sticky note outline for my rewrites on the wardrobe in my office. It looks like a conspiracy theorist’s bedroom wall. My husband came in and yelled to my (adult) daughters, “Well, Mom’s finally lost it.” 😀

This week will be rewrites and a board meeting and Grandbaby Watch 2019. If I’m late posting at any point, it’s because I’m on a plane to Texas to see my granddaughter. 🙂 She’s due at the end of the month, but we all know how babies are.



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