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No granddaughter yet. Little Clara is staying put for now. I just bought a plane ticket for her due date, so that should spur her on.

I should post a picture of my post-it outline for you all.  It makes me look like a detective or a conspiracy theorist or a writer. Which is more dangerous? HA I think this must be what the inside of my brain looks like…

(I posted it below. You can even see how wild it looks from the thumbnail!)

Look what happened to 3M’s stock after I got through with it! 😀 Up 3 points!

216.84 USD +3.29 

Have a wonderful weekend!



I laughed over reaction to your post- its. Good that the husband pokes his head in to check on you in your writing cave.

Congrats on a productive week. The difficulty of composing a query is one of those mysteries…

Good luck on baby watch. So exciting!!

Thanks for the hugs. Right back at you,


My check-in this week.

  1. Wrote/edited: 7/7 days. My chain is 98 days long!
  2. It took me nearly a week to write a query letter. Why is it so hard to write my own blurbs and queries? Ugh.
  3. I also made up a huge sticky note outline for my rewrites on the wardrobe in my office. It looks like a conspiracy theorist’s bedroom wall. My husband came in and yelled to my (adult) daughters, “Well, Mom’s finally lost it.” 😀

This week will be rewrites and a board meeting and Grandbaby Watch 2019. If I’m late posting at any point, it’s because I’m on a plane to Texas to see my granddaughter. 🙂 She’s due at the end of the month, but we all know how babies are.



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