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Ana Morgan

Thank you, Cathy. You offered wonderful feedback. Showing action is something I need to improve on.

Thank you for sharing about your son! The drugs can be a life-saver.

My imagination (and research) went toward what would happen if a person who is not schizophrenic was given anti-psychotics. My heroine’s father was not really schizophrenic. He was intentionally misdiagnosed by an “authority” paid by Franco Puissard as part of his cover-up and has been forced to take an ever-changing experimental cocktail of anti-psychotic, anti-depressants drugs for years. He’ll have to stay on them for the rest of his life—albeit more humane dosages–even if he is freed from prison. The heroine is an herbalist, so she wants her dad off all drugs, but she’ll have to accept that his body-mind has been compromised. Her father  is also forgetful because (spoiler alert) he’s tired of living and is trying to commit suicide. He figures since his daughter has found Galen, she’ll be better off not building her life around her every two weeks visits to the prison and writing appeals to get him released.



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