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Louise Bergin


I totally understand having 17,000 books.  I don’t own quite so many, but when the Air Force moved our family, I had 100 book boxes!

This lesson hits home for me.  There are 600+ e-books on my Kindle, and I’ve been puzzling how to organize them.  Goodreads may be the answer.  My concern is that my shelves are public, able to be seen by others.  As an author, I’ve been very careful not to leave any  reviews or only give 5 stars.  Now I worry about making my reviews public.  What do you think about the no-review/5 stars only policy?  Is there away to make shelves private?  Does that defeat the purpose of Goodreads?   These are more of philosophical questions about Goodreads, but I’m wondering what you and others think.

–Louise Bergin


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