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LeAnne Bristow

Hi LeAnne,

While they investigate to see if there’s anything worth mining, does he get to still use the land?

She could maybe find something right away to speed up the process, or does everything take 10-20 years? Maybe they are only interested in X mineral and the quality of what she finds right away is so poor, the company gives up?

But if she does find something worth mining, he loses everything, right? And I’m guessing that’s not the solution you want 😉 Not much love there, lol.

Maybe the B&B idea is better. She doesn’t want cattle all over her land because her potential customers are coming there to wake up and breathe in fresh air not cow poop. But maybe they can make it into a dude ranch/B&B in the end. “Come for the full cowboy experience!”

Good luck with this!



Thanks Wendi. One thought I had is that she doesn’t find enough of what her company is looking for, but she does find something. There are a lot of gems that are found as “by-products” of some minerals. So maybe my geologist doesn’t find enough copper to justify the expense of mining the area, but does find significant amounts of turquoise (often found near copper). Her company isn’t interested in the turquoise but decides to auction the mining claim off to smaller companies that are interested in the gems.  This would be much less evasive mining and chances are, he could remain on the land while the gems are being mined, which wouldn’t be possible for a large scale mining operation.

Does this sound doable????



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