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Kathy, that’s wonderful! It’s going to feel so good when you cross that finish line. 🙂

Sending you heaping scoops of creativity this week! Can’t wait to see you smash your goal!


This was a more productive week than I thought. I started off tiny with 200 plus words the first part of the week to finish strong. According to Camp NaNoWriMo I will finish on April 24 at my current rate.

It says I only have to write 133 words per day to finish on time too-lol.

My grand total for the week was 3500 that equals 500 words per times 7 days.  Woo hoo that’s the goal for the month 500 per day times 30 days was 15,000. Probably going to go  past that but I’d rather pass my goal than miss it.


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