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WOOHOO!!! Way to go, Caro!

Super happy for you. With all you have going on in your life, your focus on writing has been amazing.

I haven’t seen Endgame, but if I do, I promise not to spoil it for you. 😉

I had a good week last week, despite not actually writing the first couple of days due to sinus headaches and other stuff. However, once I started going, I did 10,000 words on the rewrite. And that was enough to push me over my Camp NaNo goal, so I’m officially a winner.  :: does happy dance ::

Goals this week: Continue the rewrite, re-do my 90 day goals so those are in place for next week, clear the last few items off my desk, turn in equipment and paperwork on Friday, and avoid Endgame spoilers until I see the film Saturday afternoon. 😁


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