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Hi all, I’ll be having Merien upload a couple of crits shortly, and also my next chapter. I wanted to clarify a couple of things that was brought up in the previous chapters.

Third world countries that take hostages is a very big thing in countries such as Britian and the US. The US President would be very involve from his office in arranging for the release of american hostages. Just like when the Navy SEALs got and killed Bin Laden, the US President was in the situation room, and very much on top of the situation, and he would be doing the same for any american hostage.

In my story, there is no preferential treatment just because the kidnap victim was the General’s daughter. Yeah, the men may be more in tune to do it because it is the General’s daughter, and the General may have indicated who he wanted to do the rescue, but the same process, the same publicity, and the same covert operation would go into affect regardless of whether she is the daughter of the General or any other person in the US. Also note, the General has a staff and would know which special ops teams would be the best to arrange rescue attempts. Most would say it’s the Navy SEALs, I opted in for the Delta Force. US Presidents don’t negotiate hostage releases, but they would order a covert rescue operation and because he’s the Commander in Chief, he would be in the situation room overseeing the operation.

The way my hero, in my story, comes across, he’d done hostage rescue operations before and this is not new to him. Only the girl he’s after, is who he really loves.

I went back over my previous chapters to make it clear about these two things, but wanted to clarify for the ones who brought these questions to light.  Thanks much, and I hope it clarifies. Looking forward to the next chapter crits.




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