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Kathy Crouch

Okay, folks. Here’s the words straight from Tabitha herself: (Please, please let me know if it makes sense. I just realized that I have some stuff later that might need fixing. She went on a road trip. I forgot about saying she was from Sacramento. :P)

“Actually, I’m from Sacramento. I grew up there. Attended Sacramento State College. My degree is in IT with a secondary one in Computer Science. I stumbled into it. I kept helping people fix their computers and things, then I grew curious, so I took some business management courses. I hope one day to maybe have my own business instead of working for a single company. I’d love to contract out to multiple ones, if that makes sense.”

“I’m impressed. Your skills are well chosen. Where do you work? Is it a software company or another business using your degrees?”

“For now, I’m interning. Seems I keep getting distracted by another class, another course that fits with what I already know. My boss is a woman who took night classes to earn her degree. She worked her way up from receptionist to head of the IT department. We have a relaxed atmosphere. Things flow and we move along in the same general direction. I called her and told I was taking a personal day tomorrow after this mess tonight. Plus, I had to leave my Mini at the dealership.”


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