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It sounds like she’s sort of falling into owning her own business. Is she a free spirit type? No reason other than I’m curious. 🙂

I like her boss! My husband worked his way up from a temporary tech to a Director of IT for a major telecom company. Within about 25 years, so consider that when aging her boss. He’s under 50. Well, if she works for a telecom company, I can help.

I think that’s the main thing to pinpoint. Exactly what sort of IT work does she do?

I pulled this from Google:  What is the Difference between Information Technology and Computer Science? … An IT career involves installing, organizing and maintaining computer systems as well as designing and operating networks and databases. Computer science is focused entirely on efficiently programming computers using mathematical algorithms.

So, my son has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. My husband has an AA in CS and nearly 30 years of experience in engineering. They both work in IT, in different fields of technology, but there is overlap. If she worked as a tech intern with a telecom company, it’s entirely possible that she could overhear a conversation that she shouldn’t have. That would give you a lot of options.

Email me if you want to go this route and I’ll give you more info. You know the email. 😉



Okay, folks. Here’s the words straight from Tabitha herself: (Please, please let me know if it makes sense. I just realized that I have some stuff later that might need fixing. She went on a road trip. I forgot about saying she was from Sacramento. :P)

“Actually, I’m from Sacramento. I grew up there. Attended Sacramento State College. My degree is in IT with a secondary one in Computer Science. I stumbled into it. I kept helping people fix their computers and things, then I grew curious, so I took some business management courses. I hope one day to maybe have my own business instead of working for a single company. I’d love to contract out to multiple ones, if that makes sense.”

“I’m impressed. Your skills are well chosen. Where do you work? Is it a software company or another business using your degrees?”

“For now, I’m interning. Seems I keep getting distracted by another class, another course that fits with what I already know. My boss is a woman who took night classes to earn her degree. She worked her way up from receptionist to head of the IT department. We have a relaxed atmosphere. Things flow and we move along in the same general direction. I called her and told I was taking a personal day tomorrow after this mess tonight. Plus, I had to leave my Mini at the dealership.”


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