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Great week, Dory!

It always takes some getting used to with new computers. I bought one at the tail end of last year and I love it. I’ve never worked on a laptop full-time before, always a desktop. It’s been a new experience. 🙂 What kind did you get?

Enjoy your new Fitbit!


Greetings gentle beings:

I wrote 3470 new words (day 224 on my chain.) started several new future learn and rwa classes. Am trying to get the collected WIP put together and revised.

I am trying to get my other new  computer set up as my favourite one is having severe issues. and I really don’t care for the new one but I guess the more I use it the more accustomed I will be. I just got a new fitbit and am trying to figure it all out but so far I really like it. it reminds me to move from the keyboard every now and then  and that’s good. Hope everyone had a good week




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