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Linda, if that happens again, email me! I’ll get you straightened out. Unless it was with RWA? I can still send them an email or, at least, tell you where to send one.  My email is You can email me anytime.

Good to hear your writing retreat was a success.

You know, after royally messing up a timeline on a story, I started pulling old calendars off the internet and scheduling my story using them. I put the date, day of the week, and time of each scene on the sidebar (Scrivener) so I could keep track better. I even track full moons from that calendar. (I write paranormal.) It really has helped, though occasionally I still mess up. 😉

Writing a synopsis is not easy. Congrats on getting yours done and congrats on entering that contest!



I’m back! I’ve been kicked out two weeks in a row as not having renewed, but fortunately I saved my receipt to prove I’m paid up.

Anyway…had a great writers’ retreat the last week of April and finished incorporating my editor’s comments. While there, I also managed to write a synopsis in about four hours with a resource that was posted on RWA (I think), and I entered a contest.

Now I have a bit of adjusting to do with the time frame for my story. I’m working my way through the chapters now trying to line events up more realistically. I started using Pomodoro as a timer for my writing sessions and like the lack of distraction I have now by not having to look at the clock.



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