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Great work this week, Dory!

I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been released by your doctor to exercise and travel. I know that’s important to you.

What classes are you taking this week? I’m taking the write faster one, but I’m a little behind.

(LOL I just realized how funny that sounded.)

Hope you have a wonderful week!


I wrote 3015 words and my chain is still in tact(thanks to the 100×100 loop that Kathy¬† and I belong to) Still working on several Future learn classes and 2 RWA classes. Its been a bit of a challenge this week but I’m getting there . I got the go ahead from doctor to resume exercising and to go on my summer vacay when its due. still waiting on specialist to book an appt but you cant rush them. I forsee more revisions in my future.




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