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Caro Kinkead

Revision outlining is done and I’m about to start the actual revision/rewrite. There will be words this week! I’m hoping for 5-6 chapters, though we’ll see.

I’m at the point in the office space where I’m so close to being done that I feel as if I’m never going to be done. The husband keeps pointing out that the book stacks are shrinking and stuff I’d stacked on desk is starting to disappear. Pictures will be forthcoming when I’m done.

At this point, I’m writing six days out of seven, and Sunday seems to be falling naturally into a non-writing/rest day (though I had my local RWA chapter meeting yesterday, which was great, but not exactly restful. 😄

Cheryl — welcome to the Mac world. It’s an interesting transition, but one of the big things to remember is that you’re hitting the Command key next to the spacebar, not the Control key at the far left of the bottom row. That’s what took me the longest to get used to, and I still had trouble with it because we had PCs at the former job.

Linda — Fingers crossed for inspiration on what you’ve already written. One of the things I love is discovering bits in already written material you didn’t quite realize you’d done at the time.

Mary — Best of luck with the Carina critique. Hope you’re chosen!

Kathy — Revisions can suck at times. Is there someone you can sit down with and talk through what you think your problems might be? That might help some.

Good week, everyone!


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