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Ooo, I like this 100×100 idea! Maybe we could do a shorter version of it in the Productivity Forum! Let me think about this… 😉

Thanks for the tips, Kathy! That’s why I really wanted people to add their input. Some people like long challenges, some short, some people need those visual aids, some don’t.  It’s good to have options!


I’m  on a loop Writing GIAM 100×100. GIAM stands for Goal Inspiration Amity Motivation the 100  x 100 stands for 100 words for 100 days. That’s how it began. Soon we were racking up 100, 200, 300, and then 365 days. There are other things like 30 minutes of research, editing, revising. Homework that involves your WIP counts too. At the end of the first year everyone was sent a bottle of champagne. Miss a day and you go back to day 1. However, Day 1 is a good day. As one of our members calls it you are climbing back on the bus. I keep an Excel sheet with the day of the year I’m on in the first column, then the date, the word count, the title of what I’m working on. Next I keep a running total of the WIP. Like yesterday I stopped at 25, 570 on Friday night. So, when I quit writing for Saturday I was at 26,460. I put 25,750 in and subtract (using the autosum feature in  Excel) 26,460 from 25,570 that total was 870. So, for day 159 of year 4, I wrote 870 words. I would be on year 9 had I not thrown a fit when I was transferred to a nursing home for rehab in 2015 after knee replacement surgery. I’m on year 4  day 159 of not missing a day of writing. I always start thinking I  only need 100 words and soon I’m way past that goal. I couldn’t do the board thing or stuff like that. I don’t plan things. I’m a spur of the moment live for today person. In my Austin RWA chapter we have a goal bag. You pay a dollar, write your goal on a slip of paper for the next month, at the next meeting the president pulls them out and asks if you made your goal. All those who made their goal are put together into one single hand like cards.  One of the members, who ever she chooses randomly, pulls a slip out. The winner gets the money. The FF&P chapter does a monthly goal and each night or all at once at the end of the month if you prefer you post what you did like I posted 870 words.



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