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Wendi Sotis

I’m following this thread, too.

I’m trying my first NetGalley read (not as an author) right now and looking into using it for my next release. I’d love to hear other’s experiences with it as an author. Here’s the article I read recently:

I post my first draft on a forum for Jane Austen-inspired fiction, one chapter at a time. Some give feedback, others don’t. I’ve been doing this for more years than I’ve been publishing my stories. I’m sure it would be more difficult to find one of these if one isn’t writing fanfiction, though! And yes, my story did get lifted from a public forum once (that I know of) – the main plot was copied word-for-word and then the person changed the sub-plot to something different. And she had the nerve to post it on the same forum! Now I only post to a private forum.

Other than that, I’m clueless about street teams and such. I’d love to find someone (that I could afford) to post my social media for me. I hate social media!



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