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Jessica Jayne

I don’t have experience with street teams or online book clubs at this point. However, I do have virtual assistant. Working a full-time “day job” and having a husband and three kids makes marketing and social media nearly impossible for me. I needed some help to keep me “relevant” in this day and age. Everything is online. She keeps my Twitter and Facebook page going. She puts together my newsletters with my content and schedules for distribution. She runs contests for me, promotes me, gives suggestions for ways to get my name out there. I had a rather successful year in 2018  (meaning I made more money than I spent on publishing my books) and I attribute a lot of that to Kim’s help. I left her LinkedIn page below. There are many out there. I think it depends on what you need the person to do, what sort of income you have to pay them and what they charge for services. It’s worth looking into though.

Jessica Jayne
Sexy, Smart and Spicy Romance


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