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Caro Kinkead

Love that quote, Cheryl.  It’s very true — and I find myself wary of folks who think “art serves no purpose.” :: glares in direction of f-i-l’s room ::

I’m typing this from my new office! Woo hoo! I officially moved in on Wednesday, and, save for the cats, the number of interruptions have gone down immensely. As I hoped, the fact that I’m in a room that isn’t on a heavy traffic pattern works to my advantage. Some things still need to be moved, such as the bulletin board and the wallie that will serve as my kaban board, but this is where I spend most of the day.

Did just under 3,000 words a day Wednesday-Friday and was on course to have another good day Saturday, but suddenly had symptoms of  Bell’s Palsy, which I had a bout of a decade ago (on Memorial Day weekend, ironically). Since the symptoms of Bell’s are similar to those of a stroke — drooping on one side of the face, I broke off the writing session at Starbucks with my friend and the husband drove me off to Kaiser. Went to urgent care, who immediately sent me over to Emergency, where they checked to make certain it really was just Bell’s Palsy. No weakness on my left side, no cognitive issues (except the usual writer crazy), no slurring of words, and the doctor was satisfied enough that I didn’t have to go for an MRI. On anti-virals and Predisone until Friday, and artificial tears until my eyelid recovers enough to blink properly (it’s not closing all the way), and I get to wear an eyepatch to bed because I have to use a gel for overnight. So I’m doing my Nick Fury impression in the evening.

That killed Saturday and Sunday, so I just rested and watched random YouTube videos. Today, though, I’ve been up and out for my exercise and am back at the desk. It may be Memorial Day, but since we’re not doing a cookout or anything special, I’m going to get work in, with a goal of 15,000-20,000 words this week, more if I can manage it.

Hope everyone else’s Memorial Day is good.


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