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Jill James

When I first started to write toward publication (2004) I was using the books on my shelves as templates to write a romance. Once I started querying I realized that romance had changed drastically in the years I was rereading my old favorites. I’m not sure anymore that I know the difference between erotic romance and just romance. There seem to be a thousand levels and variations of heat level in the romances I read today.

I’m so glad self published books could finally be allowed in the RITA. It is where most of my reading comes from today. Sometimes they break the rules badly. But sometimes they rewrite the rules and it is fun, exciting reading. There are a few niche publishers, but if it wasn’t for self publishing I wouldn’t be able to read all the amazing zombie apocalypse books and authors I’ve found.

Following along with your lessons has been eye-opening. Being with RWA since 2004 it has felt like they move so slow to make changes, but really, there have been many changes all along.

A Little Sweet. A Little Sexy. A Lot Happily Ever After.


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