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Doreen Jensen

Hello fellow writing peeps.

I wrote 2910 words. Chain still intact. signed up for a bunch new classes.(5, I think) Still have 1 week left on my future learn classes. I do love my classes.

Spent today out at the Danish club as they were celebrating Constitution Day. Its like your July 4th They had Danish stuff for sale and had the Danish trade minister spoke there. They had the Danish honour guard bring them in and out, There were demonstrations of traditional folk  dancing and there was a Viking camp set up with traditional clothing and crafts and demonstrations of Viking weapons, They demonstrated the shield wall and had mock fights with real (but blunted) weapons shield, sax, sword and spear. Very interesting. Lots of games for kids. They have  many acres and a trailer Park and a mindenpark (cemetery–Hubbys mom is there and we stopped to put flowers there. Its quite the place.I had  a good feed of ablesckivers( a sort of Danish donut–often with powdered sugar and/or jam) Very enjoyable day.

Now I’m off to visit my mom.



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