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Kathy Crouch

I wrote 5,625 words. I figured out how to tie the current story to my SEAL series tonight.

For the FF&P chapter I wrote 14,875 words in May. My June goal is 500 words a day. So far for two days I’ve exceeded that goal. But, I make it low because there may be days I barely get 100 or 200 words.

I’m sharing my frustrating Saturday that had me screaming and crying at one point at the laptop. The laptop was totally my fault for not getting it up and running. I kept finding things to do that pushed it off to one of these days.

¬†Saturday June 1, 2019 Kathy’s not so grand adventure when she should have gone back to bed like she wanted to.

I got ready after lots of dawdling, and headed to Austin to have my Soul in for it’s 7,000 mile check up. It’s a little past at 73?? but that’s fine. They serviced it, I got on the road and headed home. On the highway the light for a low tire came on. Then the tire went flat. By the time I got off the road, it was ruined. I called Anna and she contacted her dad. Then she reminded me that I have Kia roadside assistance. Great I called the Kia dealership because I couldn’t figure out how to contact them. She transferred me to them. The automated system wasn’t recognizing my phone number and transferred me after a long wait to a live agent. They sent a tow truck. Kept asking where I was, sorry no mile markers on state highways. Anyway, the tow truck arrives, he loads my car and starts off down the highway. I was thinking what are you doing? I told them where we were sitting and what we passed, and he’s making a U-turn at a crossover. Luckily my brother-in-law spotted us. I told the wrecker guy there’s my brother-in-law. So he pulled over, I managed to climb out without killing myself. Managed to climb up into my brother-in-law’s truck, then missed the step getting out here at the house.¬†

I got inside, closed and locked the door. Then it dawned on me. OH CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! My laptop is in the backseat of my car. My car was on its way to Austin to the dealership. Today is Saturday and they’re closed tomorrow. I work 1:30 to 9:00 on Monday and 10:30-5:00 tomorrow (Sunday). Looks like I have to find someone to take me to Austin after work on Tuesday.
I decided not a big deal on the laptop. I had been putting off loading this one. I bought it back before Christmas, It is exactly like the other Lenovo an Ideapad, But, the 2018 model. I kept thinking I need to open it up and get it loaded and ready to use. I would find something else to do instead. Tonight I was screaming and crying and fighting with it to let me log into Office 365. Finally, I restarted it and boom it did another Windows update and worked fine. Of course looking through my password book I could not find any of the passwords, minor thing about Google storing them for me lol. Anyway, I finally got logged into Office and managed to throw some words on the page. I think I got a little sun today sitting on the side of the road. My arms feel tender like they absorbed some rays there. Good thing it’s not tax season. I’d have to go to the Drake Software website and download all the years returns and this years software to get all set back up.¬†

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