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Tanya Sarlanis

Good Morning-

I’m Tanya but I write under the penname Paris Wynters. I have one book that was published in 2017 and just signed a new contract for 2 books. I have a website, FB, twitter, and IG. I also have a newsletter that has very very little subscribers. I send out monthly newsletters to those on my list. I am on twitter a lot and am trying to work on IG and FB more.

What I hope to get out of this class is understanding what works, see different ways to go about attracting and keeping my audience, esp when it comes to newsletters. I know there are programs out there like bookfunnel and prolific works but not sure what REALLY works.

Fun fact about me- I’m a search and rescue K-9 handler. One dog is live find and one dog is HRD- so I have human remains (gall bladder, placenta, teeth, and some other narly stuff) in my garage.


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