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Jessica Jayne

I have been out of the critique forum for some time for a variety of reasons – both career related and personally. Life just has a way not going as planned. I’m now ready to dive into everyone’s WIP and look forward to the feedback on my project.

Haven is my latest WIP. Below is a brief summary of the story:

Mia Goran lives her life exactly how everyone expects. She works at a large law firm negotiating commercial real estate transactions and corporate contracts. She’s engaged to a handsome man bearing the same Serbian heritage as her father. She’s surrounded by a wonderful family and great friends. So, why is she so restless?

When her fiancé makes a big mistake, she takes off to Hawaii to escape reality and figure out what she wants to do with her life. Little does she know that her journey will change her life forever.

Kekoa Hale was born and bred on the Big Island. He’s no stranger to heartbreak. After his father dies, he’s forced to sacrifice part of his massage therapist career and surfing pasttime to help his mother and brother run their coffee farm and inn. So when his fiancé leaves him for a mainlander, he builds a wall around his heart and shuts out all feelings. That is until he crosses paths with a beautiful stranger staying at his family’s inn.

Jessica Jayne
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