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Louise Bergin
  1. I don’t seem to have any super fans, but some people do seem to be following me on the various sites. I think I’d break my followers out between Family/Friends and Others.
  2. I don’t think I have a special place for fans to interact, except Facebook and Twitter. I’m not using those sites to the fullest.
  3. As of the end of May 2019: (This was an interesting audit I’d never done before.)

    Facebook Author Page: 53 followers

    Twitter: 21 followers

    Website: 37 followers (When I did a short series of posts about my trip to Martinique, I noticed quite a few visiters from that island in my stats for that time period.)

    Goodreads: 6 friends, one of whom is my sister.

    Amazon Author Page: Unknown. Apparently the number of followers an author has is proprietary information owned by Amazon. I know I have at least one follower who isn’t family!

  1. I did set a newsletter account up with MailChimp but have never sent one out. I have 10 subscribers registered, of whom 4 are family.
  2. I think for my author identity, I want to be known for writing sweet historical romances with emotional punch.
  3. I want to be known for my sweet historicals, but occasionally I’ve written/had ideas for contemporary romance and YA.
  4. My current author bio reads as follows:

    While growing up, Louise Bergin was the girl with her head buried in a book. She wanted to live the adventures she found between the covers–especially the promise of happily ever after at the end. In college, she learned to fence in case some day she wrote a historical novel. She also studied accounting as her back-up career. When her hero appeared, he was an Air Force officer, with whom she had three children and the life she’d longed for. She finds the time to write because the military movers taught her that you really only have to clean your house once every three years.

  5. I want my fans to say they love my books!

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