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Oh my gosh, I want to stay here! This looks amazing, Kathy.

Ouch on the deletions. I’ve done that. Now I keep a file of “CUT BITS” because I’m really good at taking things out, rewriting them, then deciding I liked it better the original way. 😉

And WOWZA on the word count goal! You can do it! You’re making me think we need another Sprint-in-a-Week challenge!


With 3805 for the week the story has evolved from when I first started writing it. The problem is last night I was charging along, then without thinking, I deleted a bunch of words that no longer fit. I lost over 200 words doing that. So I wrote 500 more plus to climb back to the word count I was at before I erased it.

I decided the place where all the events are happening is right here:

The Inn on the Lake (My title for now)

This place (in my imagination) is a bed and breakfast. They have a  full service restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. There is a breakfast buffet. There is a winery on the property also. The heroine’s brother and several former SEALs own it and run it. Kayla, the heroine was offered the job as bookkeeper/inventory control specialist. Thinking maybe I’ll give her a background in the military too.

My heroine is divorced and on the run from an abusive ex husband. The hero fits in nicely with my SEAL series. He’s on Jake’s team in Death List.

Now it is almost time for me to get my “office” ready. I work from home for Sykes Enterprises. I’m a customer experience champion on the Social Media Resolution Team.

I set a goal for July to write 31,000 words. I need to focus more on the writing. Like Doy, I’m taking several RWA workshops that I never seem to get around to reading the lessons. So, this next week I will attempt to catch up on some of the lessons.


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