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Jennette Fox

Despite the high chapter numbers, these are only bringing us near the midpoint. I’ve been calling each segment a chapter, but they actually represent POV changes and will later be combined into chapters. The story is being told in present tense from three POVs. Here’s a bit of a summary:

An accident twenty years ago strengthened image consultant Kate Wilder’s fear that she was unworthy of love, unfit to be a mother. At the start of the story, that fear still lingered and hasn’t left her. However, at the same time, deep down inside, she longs for something she’s never truly had—a family. A cancer scare incited her to give love one more chance.

An accountant by day and single dad twenty-four/seven, Ben McCarthy feels he cheated his adopted teenage daughter, Macy, by bringing her into a failing marriage with a woman who never really wanted to be a mother. He wants to make things right by finding the perfect partner to mother Macy and be his wife.

But one of their problems is that no one is perfect. And there’s Macy, abandoned by both her biological and adoptive mother, she has no intention of getting attached to another one. Her only goal is to hold onto tightly to her dad, the one parent who has stuck by her no matter what.

Ben and Kate met in chapter one and are falling in love. Kate’s past, Ben’s lack of confidence in parenting a teenage girl, and Macy’s resistance are just some of the obstacles getting in their way.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer suggestions.



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