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Kevin Ryan

Some writers still use the straight up Damsel in Distress, although how effectively I don’t know.  By your question though, it seems you think the trope lacks freshness.

As Jill suggests, As tropes go, the Spunky Damsel in Distress is an alternative.  In your case, she could be fully capable of saving herself (thank you very much) and would but she is lacking A) opportunity or B) access to resources.  The Male Lead doesn’t so much save her as provides her with either A and/or B.

There may be a third course though.  The Female Lead is left as-is with her finger in her dimple and the spunky damsel is the daughter. The daughter/damsel, due to age and circumstances, isn’t in a position to save the FL and herself from the evil villain.  She is, however, able to set up the antagonist so that the ML can remove the bad guy from the equation more easily.  She can also shepherd the FL into a relationship with the ML.

Just late night thoughts.




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