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Lisa, I came here to say that no trope is trite if you put your spin on it because I don’t believe you could write a TSTL heroine and not have your eyeballs fall out of your head from rolling them too much.

There’s a reason tropes sell. Give me forced proximity any day of the week. 🥰 In fact, I immediately went there when you described your story. But I digress…

You’ve already gotten some great advice, so I’m only going to double down on what’s already been said.

Romance = heroine and hero save each other.

Maybe he saves her financially, but she saves him on a deeper level. Not as in, “Yay! Your lady parts have rescued me from PTSD,” but as in, “You have helped me see that I can survive this. That we all have obstacles to overcome in our lives, and if you can raise a disabled child on a single mom’s salary with few resources and no help, then I can walk into that therapist’s office/support group and face my fear.”

You got this, Lisa!

Side note: I thank you for writing about a vet with PTSD. My dad suffered from PTSD from his service in Vietnam that robbed him of so much, but men of that era were taught to stiff-upper-lip-it and deal. He was finally diagnosed in his 60’s (only a few years ago!) and it was like this huge load fell right off his shoulders. Mine, too. The more we see PTSD normalized in popular culture, the better, in my opinion. Thank you.



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