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Linda, that’s great advice! I’ve even set things aside for a couple of months when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees when editing. 😉

Another thing I do when editing, (you may already do this, but in case you don’t…) is upload my MS to my Kindle and read it there. There’s a free app you can load on your computer:

You right-click on a file and send it straight to your Kindle device. It shows up formatted fairly well, not perfect, but pretty darn good. I find reading my MS like a “real book” helps me spot those errors.

Hope this helps and hope you have a fantastic week 24!


I lost Monday night to a long day, but got caught up later in the week. I’m taking a self-editing class and in the very first lesson the instructor told us to set aside a WIP before we go through a full edit. I’ve heard that before, but decided to take it to heart and let it sit for a couple of weeks.

Now I’m revising an earlier WIP and like the freshness of having set the work aside for a bit. It really is easier to see where a scene needs to be clearer, or a bridging scene is needed, etc.



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